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Note: It is our main focus to bring the freshest milk to everyone in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, due to some difficulties and limitations, we do not cover every part of it. We do recommend you to give us a call and find out if your area is being covered, we will try our very best to match your needs with our service.

1st Call our hotline

The sales team will note down your address and let you know if your area is being covered. Our milk delivery schedule works on either Monday, Wednesday and Friday OR Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, depends on the area we covered.

e.g. if your address covered by our service on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. You can decide your delivery to be delivered on these combination days.

2nd Create an account

If our delivery service covers your area, we will create an account for you and we will provide you with an account reference. This account keeps a record of what your orders are and giving our customers the flexibility to set the schedules. So if you are going off for a holiday, give us a phone call , we will note down when to stop and when to resume your delivery.

3rd Delivery

Our milk delivery starts from 6 o’clock in the morning, we will deliver your milk to your doorstep as early as possible. If there is any question or special requirement regarding to your deliver, feel free to let us know, we will try our best to match your needs

4th Payment

At the end of each month, our milkman will delivery the milk along with the bill. You can mail us the check under the payee name - "Farm Milk Company Limited" and your account reference and initials written at the back.

The address are as follows:

78 Lui Kung Tin,
Shek Kong Kap Lung,
Yuen Long,
Hong Kong

Who We Are Free Delivery Service Contact Us