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Gerald Clark (1938 – 2009), founder of Farm Milk Company Limited. Mr. Clark was one of the Ex–British Forces Overseas Hong Kong. Mr. Clark was a true lover of Hong Kong. After serving the British Forces Overseas, Mr. Clark decides to settle down in Hong Kong when he had the chance to return to his motherland with his teammates.

“What makes you stay in Hong Kong?” - Interviewer

“Hong Kong is no doubt a lovely and passionate city that I would love to spend my entire life in.” - Gerald Clark

“What makes you started Farm Milk?” - Interviewer

“I have always missed the taste of fresh milk back in the old days in UK, I would love to share that taste with every civilian in Hong Kong” - Gerald Clark


Farm Milk Company Limited has 30 years of experience providing the freshest dairy milk in Hong Kong. We first started in Lui Kung Tin, Yuen Long having our first Holstein Cattle farm. In the 80’s, we were one of the biggest milk suppliers in Hong Kong providing raw milk to manufacturers for local milk brands. After a few years, Mr. Clark realized there’s a lot of milk drink in the market in which were diluted milk products with additional flavoring ingredients. Gerald decides to enter the dairy milk market and startup his own brand – Farm Milk Company Limited. His idea was by bringing the freshest milk he remembers back in Britain to Hong Kong. We stick with this core principle and continue his legacy by providing 100% fresh milk to every civilian in Hong Kong.

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